Tips From a Welding Contractor on How to Choose the Best Stud Welder

When it comes to selecting a stud welding contractor, there are a few important things to take into consideration, such as if they have the available tools and equipment, what the power of their transformer is, and they capabilities and knowledge. A good stud welder has to be able to use various studs, and must be able to work on metal and aluminum. When choosing the equipment, the switch on a welder is generally the weakest link. Make sure the brand of stud welder has good switches and is only made using quality components and parts.

The advantages of using a stud welder, instead of drilling and removing dents comes in 2 phases. Firstly, when drilling a body panel, it will weaken the structural integrity by removing material with the drill bit. Secondly, drilling holes in a panel will create an entrance for water or moisture to creep in, which means the chances of rust and damage increase. By welding a stud, the body panel stays in one piece and intact.

If you are considering buying a stud welder, select a kit which provides options which will be needed for your job. Stud welders come in kits which house a welder, studs, and a puller. High-quality kits provide different sized slide hammers, trim, stud and welding attachments. These kits mean it is possible for a stud welder to be used for more than one job.

Ensure you read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions, before using this tool. As it will ensure you have more success when preparing a panel for the application of a stud. The correct stud spacing, in addition to the right usage of the slide hammer, should also be explained within the manufacturer’s instructions. Failing to read the instructions, may result in a poorly done stud application.

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