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Metal fabrication is the process of building structures, machinery, and components of raw metal materials. This is a complicated and serious task done by experienced and trained welding service contractors. What does it include?

  • Cutting. That is the first part of each metal fabrication procedure. And that makes absolute sense. Metal cutting technologies are now polished to perfection. They involve sawing, shearing, and chiseling, both manually and by powerful machines. There is oxyfuel cutting which is the use of a torch to cut metal sheets and materials of various sizes. They are actually cut with the help of oxygen and heat. Plasma cutting is another option using gas heated to a very high temperature. There is also a laser cutting method performed with the help of advanced laser cutting machines.

  • Bending. This is another crucial part of the metal fabrication process. Not even a single metal component can be produced without bending. It is changing the geometry shape of metal sheets and pieces. To achieve that, professional metal fabricators have to implement both compression and tension to the materials. Here, sheet metal knowledge and extensive training become very useful. Good welders have to know how to bend all kinds of materials, like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, etc.

  • Assembling (joining). In some cases, experts use high-quality adhesives to achieve brilliant final results. They can be an effective solution because they do not cause distortion or discoloration. Another great advantage of this type of joining method is that no holes need to be drilled in the metal parts, also, the adhesive itself is not visible within the assembly. Another commonly-used method is assembling through welding. Ultrasonic welding is a technique that uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations applied to metal pieces. Tools used here do riveting of various threaded fasteners.

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